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Consulting services

iOS Consulting

If you need help, our consultants are to help, contact us to lear more about our consulting services and packages.

They can jump immediatly into your project, and help you to achieve your target on time, and with the quality that you are looking to have build into your project.

Or if you project is behind and you need to recover from a bad start, we can work with your development team, to bring your project back on track.

Our Solutions

We offer our experience to help you build the best mobile applications. Using the state of the art methodlogies and tools, you will see your dream been transform into a product, ready to use.

  • Use of Agile methodology
  • Use of Mercurial, GIT and SVN
  • Native Objective-C
  • Use of Instruments and more.

Our Experience

3+ years on the mobile arena, 17+ years on developing software.

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